Vandoma Brauhaus


VANDOMA BRAUHAUS is a journey that started in 2013 with Luis´vision: “How cool would it be if we could drink our own beer in our friends’ gatherings for Christmas, birthdays,…?”. Maybe someone should have told him that it would be far easier to print a couple of home made labels and stick them in commercial beer bottles… but he would still choose the hard route. The one that leads to tasty, flavourful beer.

Luis Coentrão: MD, PhD in nephrology
Luís is the Head Brewmaster, visionary, and driving force of VANDOMA beer. When he is not brewing, Luís is at the hospital working as a full-time medical doctor. Or the other way around… no one can really tell these days.

Nuno Nunes: Financial Controller, MBA in Finance, MSc in Economics
Business-savvy, Nuno brings to the team not only financial expertise but also a competitive and entrepreneurial spirit alongside business and benchmarking skills. In his life, only VANDOMA beer can rival his love for FC Porto.

Renato Vasconcelos: Crowdsourcing Consultant, PhD in Chem Eng
Renato lives in London meaning that a certain low cost airline that shall remain unnamed is profiting from the growth of this project. Renato often describes his main role as cheerleader.

Carlos Cardoso: Lawyer, MSc in Law
Carlos brings the legal expertise. He is in the team to fulfill a self-imposed quota for Boavista FC supporters. He is also the team member that is into blondes (ie, fresh golden beers).

José Figueira: Engineer, MSc in Mech Eng
Zé is an accomplished engineer and inventor, and when it comes to drilling, cutting, shaping new metal parts, he takes over. He is also over 40…

André Ferreira: Wine producer, MBA, MSc in Pharmacy
André has a love for drinking that goes back to the 90´s and tuesday nights at Buffalo´s. He is the team member that actually prefers wine to beer, which is good to keep us in our toes.